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Boyfriend ?

by - 4:15 AM

What means by boyfriend eah?  Haha.  I think it gives two meaning la.  First, it stands for friend.  Ya, classmate,  friend when playing, buddies, roommate.  Ish, not my roommate la.  If boy, his roommate must be boy, right?  So, the first boy or girl can have boyfriend.  Hehe.  Second, it stands for beloved heart.  Auwwww.  Shy shy shy.  How gatal this girl, ha?  Haha!  Haaaa, this type of boyfriend, only girl can have.  If boy?  I think he got some problem, gay kot.

Owk3.  I’m not good in English.  Saje-saje intro in English.  Hehe.  I’ll mix ok.  Don’t marah taw.  Me nak improve my English language.  Help me.

Owk, masuk balik the topic sentence.  Boyfriend?  Me ade boyfriend ke?  Entah.  Entah.  Entah.  Ape kne minah ny?  Entah.  Entah.  Entah.  Ok, stop it.  sbenanye me nak cite ktowg dlm kelas bel260 ade la maen 1 game ny.  Sir bagi kertas.  Kerat 4.  Sorg dapat 1 keratan la.  Die suro tulis name org yg kte tringin nak tanye.  Sape-sape jelah.  Then, bawah tu tulis soklan2 yang kte bka tanye.  Me malas nak pk nak tanye sape.  Me pilih jue jla.  Hehe.  Ok, sir pun kutip la keratan kertas tu balik.  Dy cong cong dulu and baru la tanye.  Me dpt la satu soklan ny, do you have a boyfriend?  Bapak.  Haha.  Sape la tanye ny?  Me tentu la jawab takde.  Haha.  And I heard someone complain my answer with slow volume, kuang ajaq dy cakap.  Haha.  Law dy cakap kuat, me akan cakap kat dy, try call me at midnight.  If you don’t get waiting call, it prove me, I’m not wrong.  But why?  Yela.  Every happy couple will spend their night talking to the phone each other, right?  But at midnight, I just spend my time to sleep and dream.  Betul ape….

And if someone say to me, I know you already been taken.  Haha.  That’s not your business ok.  For sure la I’m not jus zip my lips or melopong or just give smile. What’s my answer?  Should I proud to have him as my boyfriend?  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Why?  Who know me know the answer. 

Me taknak la kutuk owg lebih2.  Sebab, nanti bile me wat cmtu, satu hari nanti akan kene at me lek.  Taknak la an.  Bia la Allah yang menentukan segalanya.

As conclusion, I’m ok to be single right now.  Single give me peaceful. 

Couple is trouble.  Couple = trouble.

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